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At Wauconda Dental Excellence, Dr. Manuel J. Rodriguez offers cutting-edge laser treatment to minimize and even reverse some of the effects of gum disease. If you’re interested in this safe, minimally invasive treatment for periodontal disease and you live in Wauconda, Illinois or the surrounding area, call or use the online booking agent to set up a consultation and find out if laser gum treatment is right for you.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria infiltrates your gums and then spreads to the bones and other soft tissue. The earliest stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis, characterized by puffy gums and possible bleeding when you brush and floss.

Without proper care and treatment, gum disease can damage your teeth, leading to decay and eventual extraction.

Who is at risk for periodontal disease?

Poor oral hygiene and genetics can put you at risk of developing gum disease. Other risk factors include:

  • Smoking
  • Chronic illnesses, including diabetes
  • Certain medications

Brushing twice per day, after meals, flossing daily, and visiting Wauconda Dental Excellence for twice-yearly cleanings go a long way in preventing periodontal disease.

How do lasers treat periodontal disease?

Laser therapy offers an alternative to traditional scaling and planing with dental tools. Lasers provide a targeted beam of light energy used to remove diseased gum tissue.

Lasers are more precise than conventional surgery, removing the diseased tissue without harming healthy tissue. They’re also effective in killing harmful bacteria deep in the pockets below the gum line.

Lasers can remove the thin layer of cells that inhibit reattachment of the gum and bone tissues to the tooth while sealing off the adjacent blood vessels. That results in less bleeding during surgery and reduced pain afterward.

What are the benefits of laser therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease?

With conventional surgical treatments for gum disease, your doctor uses a scalpel to cut and push back your gums to expose the tooth root, which is then scraped and scaled to remove bacteria. Your doctor then stitches the gums back up using sutures. This type of surgery is invasive and can result in an uncomfortable recovery.

Laser therapy offers several advantages over conventional gum surgery:

  • No need for general anesthesia
  • Precise targeting of diseased areas
  • Reduction in pain, swelling, and bleeding
  • Shorter healing and recovery times

Laser therapy can also stimulate the natural healing capacity of your cells to regenerate healthier gum tissue and recover from bacterial infection.

If you have any warning signs of gum disease, don’t hesitate to call Wauconda Dental Excellence to prevent decay and tooth loss. You can also book an appointment online.

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