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Cosmetic dentistry procedures -- such as teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, and dental veneers -- improve your smile and enhance your self-esteem. At Wauconda Dental Excellence, Dr. Manuel J. Rodriguez offers the most cutting-edge cosmetic procedures to give you a smile you can’t wait to show off. If you live in Wauconda, Illinois or the surrounding area, call or use the online booking agent to find out which cosmetic procedures can benefit you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Modern dentistry offers a wide range of services to help your teeth stay healthy, function well, and look great. These include:

  • Cosmetic bonding to repair chips and cracks
  • Tooth restorations
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Bridges

Dr. Rodriguez also offers Botox® to address issues of temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ), fine lines, and wrinkles.

What is the process of getting a smile restoration?

When you come in for a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez, he’ll discuss:

  • The color, size, shape, and spacing of your teeth
  • How much of your teeth and gums show, both when you smile and when your lips are relaxed
  • What kind of smile change you’re looking for — dramatic or natural

Based on your answers, he’ll recommend the cosmetic procedures to help you get a smile you’re proud to present to the world.

What are veneers?

Veneers are ultra-thin overlays of porcelain that fit right over your existing teeth to eliminate the appearance of staining, chips, or large gaps. Veneers can also strengthen weak teeth, and they offer a permanent cosmetic solution to improve your smile. Dr. Rodriguez is a preferred provider for Lumineers®, a renowned brand of veneers.

To apply veneers, Dr. Rodriguez shaves down a very minute layer of your tooth enamel to make room for the porcelain. He then adheres the overlay to create a sparkling smile.

Veneers are less obtrusive than braces but offer similar benefits in addressing gaps or small misalignments. Use veneers to brighten your smile, too.

What are crowns and bridges?

Dr. Rodriguez recommends crowns and bridges when you have missing or severely damaged teeth. These permanent prosthetic teeth are cemented into your mouth to look and act like natural teeth.

A crown acts like a cap over an existing tooth or implant. A bridge consists of two crowns that hold together one or more false teeth to fill gaps in your mouth.

You might opt for a crown to cover a tooth that’s had a root canal treatment, to restore a fractured tooth, or to replace a large filling. Bridges fill the spaces when you’ve lost teeth due to an accident or decay.

If you’re looking to improve your smile, call Wauconda Dental Excellence today or book an appointment online.

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